Thursday, 3 November 2011

Eccentric Wall Clock

Eccentric Loose Circle
Eccentric Shapes are made with loose circles, the centres of which have been pulled towards one edge and glued in place.

Make a loose circle, using a quilling/ designer board, and glue its loose outer end. Then use a straight pin to pull its centre to the mold's edge and push the pin into the board. To hold the centre in place permanently, apply a tiny dab of glue to the paper coil between the straight pin and the edge of the mold. Remove the pin when the glue has dried, twisting it slightly to loosen any glue stuck to it.

Using this quilling technique I made a beautiful wall clock. This wall clock also includes fringing technique, spiral roses, scrolls and marquise leaves.

This wall clock is a perfect gift for Housing warming. I personally use this for my room.

The different colour schemes for this wall clock available are: 

           Wine Colour                                                      Earthy (Peach) Colour                                                     Red Colour

Purple - Lavender - Yellow
(Finished Clock)


  1. Pretty beautiful creation dear.


  2. Awesome quilling, all your work is so beautiful.......